Fever Series book 3 - Faefever (em inglês)

Fever Series book 3 - Faefever (em inglês)

Autor(a): Karen Marie Moning (clique no nome para ver todos os seus livros)
Gênero: Literatura Estrangeira
Editora: Dell New York
Páginas: 390
Ano: 2010


When MacKayla Lane receives a torn page from her dead sisters journal, she is stunned by Alinas desperate words. And now MacKayla knows that her sisters killer is close. But evil is closer. And suddenly the sidhe-seer is on the hunt: For answers. For revenge. And for an ancient book of dark magic so evil, it corrupts anyone who touches it. Macs quest for the Sinsar Dubh takes her into the mean, shape-shifting streets of Dublin, with a suspicious cop on her tail. Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with Vlane, an insatiable Fae prince of lethally erotic tastes, and Jericho Barrons, a man of primal desires and untold secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.

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